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"Keep the showroom shine. Elevate your paint protection to aircraft quality."

Keep your vehicle looking show-room new with Xzilon®, the most advanced exterior paint protection available. Originally designed for the aviation industry, Xzilon® molecular adhesion technology is certified for all Boeing and Gulfstream aircraft.

Protects against the effects of:

  • UV
  • bird droppings
  • tree sap
  • road tar
  • acid rain

Protects the vehicle exterior from:

  • discoloration
  • xcessive oxidation
  • loss of gloss or fading

Warranty Guarantee


10 years for new cars, Up to 10 years for used cars depending on the model year.

This product was initially tested and approved for the aviation industry and is now available for commercial vehicles.

Xzilon has been given the following Aircraft Industry Certified Approvals:

  • AMS 1650B
  • Boeing D6-17487 Rev. N
  • Douglas CSD#1 Type V materials

And Airframe Manufacturer's Approvals:

  • Boeing 737-SL-71-053A (all 737 NG Airplanes)
  • Boeing BMS 10-72 Paint Adhesion Testing April 2005
  • Boeing NTO (747 Airplanes)
  • Boeing/Goodrich Aerostructures Group NTO Eng. Type CFM56-7 Lipskins
  • Bombardier BD700
  • Bombardier-SHORTS 71-11-01
  • Bombardier BAPS 138-059
  • Embraer AMM Part II-2770 - Chapter 10-10-01-02
  • Embraer AMM Part II-2770 - Chapter 10-10-03-02
  • Gulfstream GAMPS 4001 Rev C 2007
  • Rolls-Royce TV 11807R
  • Rolls-Royce WW/20219/1/28 Oct. 08