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KidsAbility | Kitchener Nissan

We are excited to announce our partnership with KidsAbility! Please join us this January to help raise our goal of $10,000* in support and create awareness for this worthy cause.

How does the fundraiser work? 

A portion of the proceeds from each new vehicle sale will be donated to KidsAbility on behalf of Kitchener Nissan and amazing clients like YOU! If you are in the market for a new vehicle, be sure to visit Kitchener Nissan for service that surpasses expectations & to support a very worthy cause.

How does KidsAbility help? 


KidsAbility™ empowers children and youth with special needs to realize their full potential.



The uniqueness of each child and youth and the right to realize their full potential: helping all to have a sense of belonging within our organization and in the broader community.


An inclusive and empowering relationship with families and the wisdom they provide: an appreciation for the value and dignity of others.


The power of working together with families, staff, partners, donors and funders: finding a common purpose, commitment and mutual respect.


A culture of professionalism, knowledge and accountability and a practice of resilient determination in all that we do. A consistent commitment to openness, honesty, mutual respect and shared success.


A willingness to take responsibility, to demonstrate value and to do our best work in pursuit of our goals.


Our vision is Potential Realized. To get there, we’ve got some big ideas.

To provide the best possible experience for all, we will build a strong, inclusive tomorrow as we learn from our past, respond to our present, anticipate our future and lead with purpose to meet the continued needs of our community.

Strategic Plan Ideas Diagram

To learn more about KidsAbility visit: https://kidsability.ca/