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Air Miles FAQ

AIR MILES® Reward Miles FAQ


What is the AIR MILES Reward Program and how does it work?
AIR MILES is Canada's most popular loyalty program with over 200+ partners and thousands of places to get AIR MILES Reward Miles. Collectors show their AIR MILES Card when they shop at participating Partners across Canada and they get Miles on qualifying purchases. Once they are ready, Collectors simply visit airmiles.ca/rewards to choose their reward, or use cash Miles towards their purchases at participating Partners.


How can I become a Collector?
People can join for free at airmiles.ca/enroll. Once enrolled, Collectors receive their Collector number on-the-spot and can start getting Miles right away.

I want to learn more about the program. Where do I go?
For complete program details, visit www.airmiles.ca.

What is an AIR MILES base offer?
A base offer is the number of a Miles a Collector can receive for qualifying purchases at a participating Partner. It can either be 1 Mile per X dollars spent, or a fixed number of Miles for the purchase of a specific item or service.

What is an AIR MILES Bonus offer?
Bonus offers are offered through special limited time promotions. They can be multiple of the base offer (2X, 3X, 10X, etc.), or fixed number of extra Miles for the purchase of a specific item or service.


What is the AIR MILES customer care number?
The AIR MILES Customer Care number is 1-888-AIR-MILES (1-888-247-6453).
You can also visit airmiles.ca and click on "Need Help?" for more ways to get assistance.


What Rewards can I get?
There are over 1,200 Rewards for Collectors to choose from, including travel, events and attractions, merchandise, AIR MILES Cash and more. For a full list of Rewards that are available, Collectors can visit airmiles.ca/rewards.

What's the difference between Cash and Dream rewards?
The Dream Rewards catalogue offers exciting Rewards including everything from travel, to merchandise, to exciting sweepstakes, and even premium tickets to some of the hottest events across the country.

Miles from an AIR MILES Cash Account can be used instantly in-store, at participating Partner locations across the country. Every 95 Miles in your Cash Account gets you $10 off your purchase. You can also use your Cash Miles online to receive Online Cash Rewards, from participating Reward Partners. For more information on using your Miles visit airmiles.ca/cash.


Where do I go if I want to know how many Miles are in my account?

You can find out more about your account at  airmiles.ca.


I haven't received my Miles yet (less 60 days). When will they be posted to my account?

Please allow up to 60 days from purchase date for Miles to appear in your AIR MILES Account.


I haven't received my Miles yet (over 60 days). When will they be posted to my account?

Go to  www.airmiles.ca/collector/ContactUs and complete the email form. Have your transaction details ready when contacting the AIR MILES Reward Program, as transaction information will be required.


Do Miles expire?

AIR MILES Reward Miles do not expire. For more information, visit  airmiles.ca.


What are the AIR MILES offers at Kitchener Nissan (and the Terms and Conditions)?:


  • Get up to 100 Miles with vehicles purchases*
  • Get 250 Miles on extended warranties
  • Get 1 Miles for every $30.00 spent on parts & service**


  • *Miles awarded are based on price and model of vehicle purchased
  • **Offer excludes taxes
If I don't have an AIR MILES Card at time of purchase can I get the Miles at a later date?
No. Your Collector Number must be presented at time of sale to get your Miles.
If I make a return, will the Miles I received on the original purchase be withdrawn?
Yes. Returns will result in the Miles from the original transaction being debited from your Collector Account.
Do I need my AIR MILES card during a refund?
No. The Miles will automatically be removed from your Account.

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