2022 Nissan LEAF

The 2022 Nissan LEAF is a zippy little EV with all of the specs and features that most shoppers want. The thing we like the most about this hatchback is the price. Nissan has reduced the starting price of the 2022 LEAF and made it a bit cheaper than its first-generation 2021 predecessor despite adding more standard safety features. Well done, Nissan!

This hatchback has already proven to be very popular, not just for the price reduction. Buying the new 2022 Nissan LEAF will get you an EV standard with Level three fast charging capabilities and more driver assistance features, and you can now purchase the SV Plus trim with the Technology Package as standard.

Trims and Price

The 2022 Nissan LEAF can be bought in four trims: SV, S Plus, SV Plus, and the SL Plus. The entry-level SV’s price starts at $37,495. The top-of-the-range SL Plus is available from $46,095.


We have to talk about the standard safety features first. It’s nothing else but impressive, and Nissan has gone all the way here. Standard safety features included in all trims are blind-spot intervention and monitoring systems, lane-keeping assist and departure systems, and rear and front automatic emergency braking systems. If you’re seeking value for your money in a new hatchback, you've found it here!

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) completed independent crash tests that assessed the side impact after a crash, the total rear crash protection, and the results after a moderate overlap front crash. The IIHS rated and recorded all results as good. Interestingly, a moderate overlap test includes a test where the car travels at 64.37km/h towards a barrier with a deformable face that’s approximately 61cm tall.

Interior and Technology

Nissan also did a great job installing many interior and technological features as standard in the 2022 model. You’ll get 40.64cm steel wheels, automatic headlights, a rear spoiler, and an illuminated charging port. You can get alloy wheels installed on the LEAF S Plus model. The interior includes automatic climate control, an adjustable driver’s seat, four USB ports, Android and Apple integration and connectivity, a four-speaker sound system, and a 20.32cm infotainment touchscreen.

The seats can split 60/40. The hatchback has 23.6 cubic feet of storage space. There’s loads of room for passengers and perhaps installing a kiddie seat.


The SL Plus will give an estimated range of 346km with a fully charged battery. The vehicle consumes 32 kWh per 161km. The SL plus is capable of travelling 381.4km, and it consumes less energy at 27.1 kWh

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